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HUSQVARNA 1983 & 1984

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Since 1998 we have been developing the suspension on this particular motocross bike. Initial testing with this model highlighted some major problems with the standard suspension setup.

The Ohlin rear shock absorbers have rebound damping settings which are much to lively and compression damping which is to soft. The internal hydraulic bottoming out system wears after a short period of time and the absence of a proper bump rubber results in far to much rear suspension travel.

The single spring on the shock absorbers is much to soft even for your average rider, resulting in the ride height at the rear of the bike being much to low, which makes the bike steer very slow and run wide on cornering.

Rear Shock Modifications

The standard Ohlin shock absorber can be revalved on compression and rebound damping to give correct damping control and can be matched up to whatever springs you require to suit your rider weight. The hydraulic bottoming out system can be removed and a proper bump rubber fitted to the rod.
Husqvarna Twinshock
We can supply a twin spring setup from stock for riders from 11 stone up to 16.5 stone.

We also supply spring separators in hard wearing polyacetal, with spring retainers and spacers to obtain the correct amount of spring preload.

New spherical bearings can be supplied to replace worn items in the top and bottom shock mounts.

We carry out full servicing to the standard ITC Ohlin shocks and we can supply an modifications you may require. Please ring the factory to discuss your requirements and prices.

The springs as standard are generally much to soft even for a 12 stone rider causing the seat to ride low and making the steering slow on cornering.

Heaver riders require a stronger single spring setup to suit their particular rider weight. These are made to special order. PRICE ON APPLICATION.

Main Springs Main Springs ~ £42.00 each inc VAT
These springs are 220mm free length x 46mm inside diameter and although designed to fit our own falcon shock absorbers they also fix the Ohlin shocks as fitted to the husky. Spring rates range up to a maximum of 290lb per inch.
Top Springs Top Springs ~ £32.40 each inc VAT
These springs are 90mm free length and 46mm inside diameter and will work with our own Falcon shocks as well as the Ohlin units.
Springs rates go up to 380lb per inch.
Spring Separators Spring Separators ~ £14.40 each inc VAT
Made from a very hard wearing water resistant plastic these will fit the Ohlin shock absorbers to convert to a duel spring arrangement.
Preload Spacers Preload Spacers ~ £14.40 each inc VAT
Due to the differences in position of the pre load adjustment circlips these maybe needed to obtain the correct spring pre load.
Spring Retainers Spring Retainers for Ohlin shocks
Top Spring Retainers ~ £21.60 each inc VAT

Bottom Spring Retainers ~ £23.40 each inc VAT
These components are made from billet aluminium and are many times stronger than the original cast components.

Front Fork Service and Modifications

Std Husky FF Damping Service including Seals and Oil ~ £90.00 p/pair inc VAT
Damper Rod Conversion ~ £84.00 p/pair inc VAT
The standard Husky fork damper assembly uses a split plastic moulding which distorts over years of use with the result that the forks no longer damp as they were designed to do.
New Husky FF Damping The Falcon damping modifications for the front forks does away with this split plastic moulding and is replaced by a complete ring manufactured from polyacetal which makes it a dimensionally stable component which does not warp or bend and delivers the correct damping characteristics.
Husky FF Damper Rod If you send us the damper rods we can fit the valves and return them to you. Alternatively you can send us the assembled fork legs and we can do a complete service on the forks by stripping down and cleaning out and re-assembling with the new damper rod modifications, new seals and new oil.
We recommend using 500cc of 20w oil in each leg with our fork modification. This is the same volume as used in the standard forks.

For any further Information please contact the factory where we will be happy to discuss your needs.

Successful work on front forks depends on the straightness of the fork legs and the condition of the chrome plated surface.
We can arrange to have forks straightened and re-chromed. Price and delivery on application

The above prices do NOT include delivery. We can deliver up to 10Kgs for £12.00 inc VAT


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