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We need to know if there have been any modifications from the standard bike. i.e. Longer swinging arm, different engine fitted, etc.
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If you need an estimate for the price of a shock repair, we need as much information as possible to give you an idea of the repair costs involvied. As a minimum, we need to know the age and make of the shock and what you find wrong with it. This will go a long way towards us being able to give yo some idea of the repair costs involved.
Shock repair, your existing shock: make and type
We can only give you a estimate for a repair by Email. We need to examine the shock unit to be able to give you an accurate quotation for any repairs,as the repair may involve more, or even less work than anticipated. Can we suggest you send the shock down to us to examine, so that we can be more accurate in pricing for you. if you dont want the job done, its not a problem, we will send it back free of charge.
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