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Upgrasstrack monoshock


The Falcon Grasstrack and Longtrack suspension systems are based on the 32 mm bore Motocross shock absorbers. The dampers are gas assisted and are built with high tensile hard-chromed damper piston rods to help resist stone damage, and polyurethane seals, which are more wear and damage resistant than an ordinary rubber seals.

The shock lengths from standard vary from 12.4" centres (315.0 mm) centres to 14.4in. (366.0 mm) and use 3in. of travel. The damper piston is specially designed to enable the damper to travel at high speed, necessary in grasstrack and longtrack suspension.

The dampers are built to order to suit individual designs and rider requirements. Springs are available from 50lb/in. up to 150lb/in. in steps of 10lb/in. This range is suitable for all weights of rider, from schoolboy up to the heaviest adult. The range of steel shocks is available with powder coated satin black bodies and springs, with a three Months parts and workmanship guarantee.

Most sizes are available in lightweight aluminium, saving almost 1.5lb. over the steel shocks. These are finished in clear anodising and powder coated satin black springs.


Make of Frame
Engine Installation/Layout

Shock Length

Spring Rate

Bolt Fixings

Upright engine 13.4 90 10x24
Laydown engine 13.9 70 10x24
Short frame 2 stroke 13.15 70 10x24
Up to 1992 12.4 90 10x24
1993 onward 14.15 90 10x24
Upright engine 13.4 90 10x24
Upright engine 13.4 90 10x24
Upright engine 13.4 90 10x24
Laydown engine 13.9 90 10x24
Upright engine 12.65 90 10x24
Laydown engine 12.65 70 10x24
Upright engine 13.4 70 10x24
Laydown engine 12.9 70 10x24
Junior frame 12.4 50 10x24
Monoshock 315 475 10x24
2013 13.9 80 10x24
Laydown engine 13.9 70 10x24
Adult 12.9 90 10x24
Schoolboy 12.4 50 10x24
Monoshock 315mm 340 10x24
Upright engine 13.4 90 10x24
Laydown engine 13.4 70 10x24
* Unless otherwise stated
All units are supplied complete with springs and mounting bushes.

These spring rates apply to machines fitted with 500cc or 350cc four stroke-engines. For machines fitted with 2 stroke engines a 70lb spring is usually fitted. This generally applies to riders of 10 to 14 stone (64Kgs to 89Kgs)
Lightweight aluminium front fork dampers for leading link front forks are available for solo and sidecar, speedway and grasstrack. They are fully rebuildable, with a 75mm, stroke. They are available in 296mm, 302mm, 309mm, 315 and 322mm centres. See front fork dampers section for details


Steel bodied units   ........................................................................................
Aluminium bodied units   ................................................................................
Click here for Front Fork Dampers
Special units can be built but may cost extra depending on specification.
This price is for a single standard production shock absorber complete with spring and mounting bushes, and include for DELIVERY and VAT, to UK mainland addresses only.
There may be a delivery surcharge to off shore islands, and remote areas.

Deliveries can be arranged to most countries in the world via DHL.
Please enquire regarding the cost of shock absorbers delivered to other countries.
E&OE prices current 01 January 2024

Upgrasstrack monoshock

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