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We have built custom units for all sorts of special purpose motorcycles, road vehicles, even industrial washing machines.

The price to build special units cannot be given over the telephone until a complete analysis of all aspects of the required design had been considered. Any changes to the specification after this price may result in further costs.

Here are some examples of shock absorbers/dampers that we have been asked to build in the past


Aluminium Body Fork End Aluminium units with fork ends and long travel built for a racing scooter   3 Wheel Scooter Shocks Custom shocks built for a 3 wheeled scooter with fork end fitting
American V8 Rally Car Light weight aluminium units built for a 1930s V8 American rally car   Ind W/M Dampers Industrial dampers for the Broadbent 210 & 350 washing machines.
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American Corvette/GMC Hot Rod Custom Corvette C5 with GMC 450 body needed extra suspension for the heavier engine and extra damping to control the front during acceleration and braking   Corvette/GMC Shock Fitted Special shocks fitted under the Corvette/GMC Hot Rod
Corvette/GMC Shocks Special shocks for the Corvette/GMC Hot Rod utilising the original top shock mounts      



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